365NSV a year in

Nughedu Santa Vittoria

The idea for this projects sprang from the desire to use the wealth of material collected during filming of the documentary ‘the seasons of nughedu’ in 2015.
It is a cinematic testimony which encompasses

without prejudice, social events, work, play, solemn and religious moments, intimate ones,

moments of solitude and moments of interaction.
Curious spectators will be invited to spend

a whole year with the community of Nughedu,

to experience how time goes by and how people live there.

They will step into their homes, get to know the parish

and the districts, discovering, as they do so,

a new world far removed from modern city life.



Sardinia: far from fake folklore

but close to its true heart.

The goal, was to show Sardinia for what it truly is, a reality which has little to do with costume fairs and fake festivals devised to attract bored tourists.
We decided to shine the spotlight on a part of the island

which is going through a devastating process of depopulation,

but which preserves at its core a lifestyle that is simple and, today, incredibly relevant, special and unique.

A connection to the traditions of our past, an eye to the opportunities that the present has to offer and the will to explore future aspects of our times, are the driving force behind this project. Our ambition is to offer a snapshot of our times, to make of this website a time-capsule,

in order to pass on to future generations

a testament of life in our communities.


Nughedu Santa Vittoria,

a village at the heart of Sardinia

Nughedu Santa Vittoria is a village of 497 inhabitants in the geographical centre of Sardinia. It lies on the shores of Lake Omodeo, once one of the largest lakes in Europe, and it’s close to the nature reserve of Alamoiu. The village is well-known on the island for its long tradition of accordion-playing, and the church of San Giacomo is the core of the spiritual life of the community. Main activities in the village are connected to farming and country life, to the nature reserve of Alamoiu and to a new project of touristic development called

Nughedu WELCOME.


1000 hours of material to show life

in the centre of Sardinia

1000 hours of material,

7 hours and a half of uninterrupted film,

from a heart beating in the mother’s womb

to the chanting of the mourners at a funeral.
All this is at the basis of a polyedric project

in which all the people of Nughedu,

from baby Giacomo to the 100-year-old Aunt Rosa, took part.

Two young men, Nicola and Andrea, learnt the art of editing and, by helping the director to mould the image of their own village, have become authors and protagonists.